Spring In Your Step

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The most wonderful thing about shoes is every pair has a personality of their own, a pair of shoes can transform the way you feel, and every woman knows they WILL make or break an outfit.

Well ladies, spring is here, the weather is warming, and social season is already kicking off, our frocks are making their way back out of the wardrobe and we are beginning to be a little more flirtatious with our footwear. Well, flirt away girls, this season you will not be disappointed, there are so many delicious styles hitting the shops, it gives a whole new meaning to party feet!

This year spring is taking nude shoes to the next level, as with your normal nude (a staple that should be in everyone’s wardrobe) this is your go-to shoe for the appearance of longer, leaner legs. Not to mention they go with absolutely everything

One of the more interesting styles working its way into wardrobes this year is the sport luxe look. Locally, it’s taking its time to get some traction, but I have to say I’m really loving this look right now, what do you think? Pair it with your favourite picnic dress for some real street appeal

There really is nothing quite like feathered footwear, the soft flow of the fibres as you glide along really adds a little bit of romance to every footstep. Also adding fancy to our footwear this spring are jewels, raffia, fringe, sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles

If you thought kitten heels were something you wore when you were learning to walk in stilettos, think again; kitten heels are back and probably the biggest trend this season. Perfect if you only want a little lift with your pretty spring dress or to add some spice to a pair of jeans. Another great reason to embrace this style, many of the types available are office appropriate, so no more sore feet after a long day at work!

Still in style are socks with sandals, western boots, white boots (or white any shoes) and block heels; but we are saying goodbye to wedges, ballet flats and boring shoes – this season is all about embellishments, rainbow bright bolds and of course florals.

When one pair simply isn’t enough, which shoes will you choose to put a spring in your step this season?


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