Power Dressing

As Seen in Profile Magazine and online April 2018

Power dressing has no power if you don’t feel powerful

Let’s get down to business, how do you take a little bit of confidence and put it into what you’re wearing? Something that shows you are a professional but still makes you feel in control and ready to rumble, what does that look like?

Let’s start with your style super power, YOU! In the age of social media, asserting yourself and your personal trademark has never been more important and if what you wear is making the first announcement, you need to leave a mark with your smarts and your style

Gone are the days of the black slacks and beige blouses, these days it is all about injecting your personality into your ensemble. Start styling your workwear with substance and mix it up – add femininity with a ruffle, or splash of pink, purple or paisley, and set your wild side free with animal prints and texture. Mixed prints will always make a statement

Strong lines and bold colours will be sure to pack a punch. The colour red, which is always a colour associated with power, is having a moment right now, so stock up while it’s in stores

Use accessories to tell the story, your favourite timber carved bangle, gorgeous silk scarf, perhaps a pair of statement earrings or shoes. Whatever it is, it needs to be a piece of YOU, because when you feel like you, you will be confident, and confidence is power

There are still some things that should be kept for the weekend, so when shaking up your work wardrobe it’s best to avoid platform shoes, sandals and summer dresses and always pay attention to your skirt length – as a general rule, your business skirts should be at shortest just above the knee

If you are feeling brave, you can always don a pair of shoulder pads, or invest in a sharp suit in pastel or all white, ‘80s fashion is still in the limelight so make the most of it

Be open to different styles of pants, skirts and dresses. Try a pair of culottes or a midi skirt and experiment with different waistlines, hemlines and cuts. Use your simplest piece as a base, work from there and add your showstopper – it doesn’t have to be over the top, so if you’re not feeling too adventurous, keep it simple and subtle, choose charcoal or navy over black, or add some spots, florals or your favourite colour

xx J

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