Perfect Packing

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

As seen online at Profile Magazine

Packing your bag may seem like a chore, but if you know the basics, it should be super fast and easy. So tell me, what kind of packer are you: An over-packer? an under-packer? Or do you consider yourself the perfect packer?

No one wants to over-pack to find themselves digging through unnecessary things to find the essentials and you certainly don’t want to under-pack and realise you don’t have everything you need. So, let’s look at what to pack so it’s less of a chore and more rewarding when you reach your destination


If you have a favourite weekender, it is always wise to check straps and zips before heading off. A broken strap or zipper can bring all sorts of uninvited stress to your getaway. Your bag needs to be big enough to fit your essentials, but not so big that when filled it’s like carrying around a bag of bricks. A weekender is not a suitcase and is not designed to carry the kitchen sink. As a stylish woman you want to be seen carrying it as though it is as light as a feather, so it needs to be packed as such. Remember this is a getaway, you’re not moving house.


Most would recommend your hat to be not too big nor too small, but we all know oversized is very glamorous. So, go on, let everyone know you’re on holiday with the biggest you can find. Added benefit: increased sun protection.


It is so important to have a simple outfit to take you from beach to bar. A quick-drying sundress is ideal to dress up with a pair of heels and gorgeous pair of earrings. Done!


Throw a full-piece swimsuit in to double as a body suit (a fabulous way to conceal any festive season indulgences) while being very resort-ready.


Pack a coin purse to fit small amounts of cash and essential cards. Something with a little key chain is super handy so you can hook it inside your larger bag, plus it’s easy to find when the cocktail waiter passes by (cheers!)


The most versatile pair of shades are either a wayfarer or aviator style. Both will suit absolutely everything, and will NEVER go out of style! If you have a cheeky habit of pushing your sunnies up on top of your head, then perhaps opt for a wayfarer style, as aviators can get tangled and pull your hair out… Never a good look.


Sand shoes, preferably white, never fail to look relaxed. They also give you the ‘I’m just strollin around with nothing better to do than soak up life look’. You know the one!


A medium heel is perfect – not over or underdressed – just right. They need to be comfortable and suitable for varying surfaces (boardwalks)… A stiletto’s worst nightmare.

Other essentials on your checklist: Underwear, toothbrush, sun cream, bug spray, phone charger and a big smile!

Happy Packing!


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